wonderfully written – a 2 min intro to Tywin

A Game of Thrones History Lesson

In my opinion, Tywin Lannister is the best antagonist in Game of Thrones hands down. Planetos has its fair share of evil in it, all the way from the rageful bloodlust of the Mountain to the brattish cruelty of Joffrey, but that isn’t Tywin. The most dangerous people are the ones with brains and the will to use them.

This is Tytos Lannister


Everything Tywin Lannister was, was a result of his father simply existing, which in Tywin’s mind, was all Tytos ever accomplished. Simply existence itself. Tytos was weak. As a third son, Tytos was never meant to be Lord of Casterly Rock, but after the death of his brothers and father, that’s exactly where he found himself. Tytos was such a wackball in fact that, before his father died, he spent his last years trying desperately to prepare Tytos for Lordship, but he still died basically knowing the Westerlands were…

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