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I’m not much of a reader. But I have to say what I always do – of the few books that I’ve read, every single one of them has been really great. Specially the ones I read in last 6 months.

The number is abysmally low but it’s the quality y’know!

Here are those in no particular order and the ones I can remember:

  • The Martian – Andy Weir. Recommended by buddy, it was a fantastic read while I was in Khurpatal. A very short read(perfect for me). Best part, I didn’t know that there was a movie being made on that – that is always a surprise to learn later that a movie is coming (although unbeknownst to me, its trailer was out by the time I started reading this book). Even better than the best part? The fact that I realised reading the afternotes(epilogues? acknowledgements?) that I had read Andy Weir earlier(and that is why the name sounded familiar) – his short story, his most popular one and an amazing one. Here’s the egg in case you haven’t read it (it’s a 5 minute read yo).
  • The man with two left feet(and other short stories) – P.G. Wodehouse. I usually don’t fall off laughing while reading books, but when I do, I make sure I actually fall and have people around me confirm their suspicion that I’ve completely, what do you say, lost it. It’s a laugh-riot. Although that may seem completely untrue depending upon your falvour of humour – mine is immature, kiddish & slightly bent.
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey – Arthur C Clarke. Yeah the same one which is that talked about, crazy, too ahead of its time, science movie. Having watched that movie 5-6 times(which is low by general fan standards), I must confess, embarrassingly so, that I didn’t get much from it. That I fell asleep the first few times may be one of the reason but certainly not the only one. What a book – what a story. So that is what Stanley Kubrick was trying to show – the stuff that’s written in the book. It was an eye opener and a pleasing read. Although I don’t claim to have understood the whole thing (actually the end of it), it grew on me. Each part of the book – the moonwatcher, the TMA-1, the Jupiter, Saturn exploration(yeah, movie just has Jupiter), HAL – everything was so engrossing that it felt sad to move from one part to another – I wanted more of each of it. Read it while I was in Lucknow during diwali time. It really is an explorative, imaginative & futuristic saga. I had to watch the movie again as soon as the book was done – it felt so so great post this read.
  • Elon Musk – Ashlee Vance. What to say about this crazy guy and about what he is doing. Okay, a lot of smart people around him are doing it together – but a story. If his past was unbelievable – that he ran out of books to read as a child and started reading encyclopedia, ran off to do something (from SA to Canada) – his present & future is crazier. What fields is he onto – what bold, courageous & great way to spend the blip of existence we humans have. One would be extremely lucky to have been part of one of his ventures – Tesla, SpaceX, Solarcity, X/Paypal, Hyperloop – and there is this guy who, to mar a quote, has stretched too thick.
  • Animal Farm – George Orwell. Ok, this was not the first time I was reading this – loved it earlier, loved it again. Quite an engaging read this is. What to say about its characters, its storyline and the joy & sadness it brings. It is beautiful indeed when a simple write like this is says a lot deeper things(while saying those simple things too) – the afternotes to the book are quite interesting too.
  • The day I stopped drinking milk – Sudha Murthy. This had been in my kindle for a while and I realised after reading a few stories that I had read this(or at least some of the short stories). I wouldn’t say this is the finest book but it is mildly interesting – a mixed bag, some stories are good, some maybe are not so interesting to me. Overall the different part about the book was that it is based on real life experiences and that is always a mixed bag.

that’s all for now – it’s 6:15 in the morning and I must stop right away. Oh, and the one that I’m reading is Searching for Bobby Fischer – Fred Waitzkin – from the few pages I read, it seems quite interesting.

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