hahaha, classic.
I can imagine (but can’t believe) people would do this – especially when their hair colour/type is exactly as the one being complained.


You flag me down and tell me that there’s a hair in your food. It’s amazing the likeness it has to those blonde, curly hairs, on your head. But you’re right, it must’ve fallen off of the bald or black haired cooks we have in the back.

This is another classic move to try and get something comped off of the bill. It always amazes me when the hair is exactly the same as the hair on your head. *Comped = Compensated; Free of charge:Beth the customer, had her dessert comped off of her bill after she complained that her food was cold, even though she let it sit on the table for 20 minutes while she talked her friends ears off about why she can’t seem to get any guys to date her. Talk about loserville.

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